My Social Media Struggle

I love social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram– I use them all.  But, before Addie was born I made the decision to limit publicly posted pictures of her on social media.  It’s not because I’m worried about clogging up my friends’ newfeeds with baby pictures (hey, they can unfollow me!) and it’s certainly not because she isn’t cute.

Rather, I made this choice because I don’t want my teenage daughter to someday realize she has a whole presence or persona on social media that she didn’t create and that she can’t get rid of.

I’ll be honest. I go back and forth about this decision. I want to share the adorable pictures of my baby. In fact, I want to OVERshare them. And I do share them from time to time (just not ALL the time).

I think it’s all about setting boundaries, (my closest family members all ask before posting any pictures), but also being flexible (I realize that photos of  Addie are going to exist on social media, and I’m OK with that).

Whether you agree or disagree with my decision, I think it’s an interesting time. For the first time ever, our children will grow up in a world with social media. I, for one, am thankful that Facebook didn’t get popular until I was almost out of college.

There are so many things to worry about when you have a baby… who ever thought social media would be one of them?

** For the record– I post this with absolutely no judgement towards parents who do regularly post pictures of their children on public social media. This is a decision that works for my family (for now). As I am quickly learning about all things parenting, parents needs to do what works best for their families. AND full disclosure, I do post pictures of Addie on a private account.

One thought on “My Social Media Struggle

  1. I have gone back and forth on this same issue, but now in a new light. My sons are older and might be justifiably horrified at some of the images I’ve shared over the years. Sometimes they come right out and say, “please don’t post that.”
    On the other hand, I feel I’ve set a good example for sharing my life with friends and family. They will have to navigate this same world (and so much more). I hope that we’ll continue to learn that together.

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