And I’m baaaacckkk

I can’t believe my little girl is almost 1. And I can’t believe it’s been almost that long since I posted. But, I’m baaaacccck and determined to post more. So–what have I been doing for the past 8 months?

Here’s the VERY condensed version:

-I went back to work after 6 wonderful months of maternity leave. It has definitely been an adjustment for everyone– probably mostly me– but I feel like we’re finally getting the hang of it (knock wood). Addie adjusted really well to life without Mom being around 24/7 and Mike is amazing at balancing fatherhood and work.

-Addie has grown up so much- she took her first steps at 10 months and is really moving now. She’s doing well with her solids and we’re currently working on getting her to drink from a sippy cup (tips welcome). Long story short, we’re basically obsessed and think she is the coolest kid ever (biased much?).

That’s pretty much it. Between work and taking care of Addie, things have been busy, but good. I hope everyone else has been well.

Stay tuned for posts about her first ROCK STAR birthday party and all things SweetAddieB.

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