Winding down 

Well today ended as chaotically as it began. I got stuck at work late, picked up dinner on my way home, played with, fed and got Addie ready for bed… And then did dishes, made a new batch of baby-friendly foods for Addie to eat the rest of the week, switched purses (the handle on the one I was using was about to die), did some general straightening, and now I am finally getting to SIT…. 

Ahhh feels great to put my feet up after a busy (and productive) day.

And to make my tiny bit of “me-time”even more relaxing, I’m trying a new face mask I picked up from Sephora (the Rose one). Will let you know what I think after–feels great so far. Have to admit it’s nice to pamper myself a little at the end of a long day. 

How do all you other mommas unwind?

7 thoughts on “Winding down 

  1. I’ve seen these around before and have considered picking one up. I was going to grab one tomorrow before a flight to London from NYC tomorrow.. did you like it? I’d like to put something on that will moisturize my sad skin!

    1. Yes, loved it. I definitely think worth a try. I just took it off and feel like my skin looks and feels extra moisturized… Now just hoping it stays that way for a few days. This cold weather is not helping things!

    1. I’ve tried a few now and really like them. They’re kind of scary looking (the first time I put one on I think I actually frightened my husband), but they’ve worked well so far for me.

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