April Workout Challenge

My workouts have been far too sporadic lately  and now that Addie is almost 13 months old, I don’t think the baby weight excuse is really valid.

So I am going to challenge myself (and any readers who want to join in) to work out every day in April… I’m not saying that I’ll be running a marathon every day, but I’m going to do something physical every day. Who else is in? 

Blogging and Biking

5 thoughts on “April Workout Challenge

    1. Haha I think that counts! And that’s awesome about Zumba and yoga… Lately I’ve only been making it to the gym about once a week- ugh. Time to kick it up a notch!!

  1. I’ve been walking every morning, in front of my tv. I’ve learned how to walk in a small space from watching Leslie Sanzone’s indoor walking videos, and now I can do it while I watch a movie or a show for 1 hour.
    I think I will try not to miss a single day in APril!

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