TONYMOLY I’m REAL mask review

You know I’m a fan of sheet face masks… So when I saw these masks for $3 at Urban Outfitters I had to snatch them up.

I tried out the skin soothing mask tonight while catching up on Scandal and having a glass of wine.

Just took off the mask and here are my initial thoughts:


-lots of liquid, skin feels very moisturized

-price (did I mention these are only $3?!?)


-some slight skin irritation after taking off mask

-not much of a scent (maybe a pro for some people, but I like some scent with a sheet mask)

Overall- I’m more into the Sephora masks, but may use these occasionally since they are half the price.


6 thoughts on “TONYMOLY I’m REAL mask review

      1. I have a load of Korean ones I got in a Meme Box…they do a special sheet mask collection. Sadly they have stopped delivering to the UK but they still deliver to the US…check them out! 🙂

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