SAHM Diaries: Day 6/Cheat Day

Today felt like a bit of a cheat day… For the first (and last) time- Addie went to daycare while I stayed at home. Mostly- because we paid for this month/Addie’s teachers wanted to say goodbye (she’ll be home with me from here on out). But, also, so I could get organized-pack for a trip… Continue reading SAHM Diaries: Day 6/Cheat Day

Why I’m Leaving My Dream Job

When I was in middle school, I stood outside of the Today show studio and decided I’m going to work there someday.  And with a mixture of hard-work, luck and perseverance, I made that dream come true. After graduating college, I started in the NBC Page Program. After a few months there, I was hired at… Continue reading Why I’m Leaving My Dream Job