Why I’m Leaving My Dream Job

When I was in middle school, I stood outside of the Today show studio and decided I’m going to work there someday

And with a mixture of hard-work, luck and perseverance, I made that dream come true.

After graduating college, I started in the NBC Page Program. After a few months there, I was hired at Today. Now, almost 9 years later, I find myself at a crossroads:

For 9 years, I have given a large part of myself to my work. I’ve worked countless Holidays and weekends and early mornings and late nights. I’ve sacrificed dinners and plans and sleep (lots of sleep). And it was worth it.

Because my work here has given me so many incredible experiences-– traveling to Neverland Ranch in a helicopter after Michael Jackson died, getting to work at the Vancouver Olympics, spending a weekend at Kathie Lee’s house in the Florida Keys, riding (and writing) about a CRAZY rollercoaster….

And even more than the experiences, I have met some of the most caring, interesting and hard-working people. My colleagues are smart and funny and compassionate. And when you work with someone at 3 in the morning or in some foreign place or country, it’s easy to forge real friendships.

It hasn’t been perfect.  Like any job, there have been bumps in the road and really hard days (and nights) when I’ve felt like leaving, daydreamed about my joyous exit and how I would leave this place and never look back.

And now that day has come, and it’s bittersweet.  I am leaving to stay at home with my daughter. I am leaving my dream job to be a stay at home mom.

Why? Because when I came back to work after maternity leave almost 9 months ago something in me had changed. My heart wasn’t in it anymore. The long days and trips were no longer worth it. They took their toll. Because I always knew I was missing time, missing moments with my sweet baby girl.

So now, I am counting down my last few weeks here. There have already been many tears, and I’m sure there will be many more.  But I’m excited for this next chapter in my life.

Goodbye Today, hello tomorrow.


8 thoughts on “Why I’m Leaving My Dream Job

  1. An official to the oh so prestigious SAHM club. When I was reading your blog, I couldn’t help but to feel so touched! What an amazing adventure you had with NBC and the adventure is just about to get a different kind of better. Good for you for recognizing your wants and ultimately making a sacrifice to make it happen. You will be an amazing stay at home mom.
    Just stay strong 😉

    1. Thanks Kat! It’s definitely a big change and was a hard decision, but I know it’s the right choice. If you have any tips on how to navigate this new club let me know!!

      1. haha all i have to say is always have a bottle of something stashed in your cabinet. you never know when you’ll need to whip it out. no but seriously its an amazing opportunity to be able to see your child development so fast in this young age. as much as i complain about it, i would never change it. people ask me if i would go back to work. and i always say yea, but i have no idea when…just not now 🙂

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