SAHM Diaries: Day 1

Today marks day 1 of being a stay at home mom. It went well and remarkably fast.

Here’s a rough play by play of the day…it wasn’t necessarily relaxing or stress-free, but being with Addie–even with teething-induced crankiness- was pretty perfect…

6am- wake up, realize I don’t have an office to get to or work email to read, think wow– did I really quit my job?, 2-second freak out, walk dog, sort mail

6:45am- Addie up, make breakfast for whole family, think this is nice

7:30am-1pm- Clean, play, sing, art (repeat), short nap for Addie, my parents arrive

1pm- out to lunch with parents, order lobster roll, think this is the life, parents pick up the tab, think this really is the life

2:30-8pm- errands, play, soothe teething toddler, cook dinner, soothe teething toddler, sister arrives,  soothe teething toddler, husband home from work, dinner, clean, play, soothe teething toddler, Addie to bed

8pm-Bed- HGTV, clean, feel grateful for this new opportunity/change, blog, bedtime!

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