SAHM Diaries: Day 7/Girls Day Out

We’re in PA for a few days. Mike had a work meeting in Virginia and his parents worked today (we’re staying with them) so Addie and I had the whole day to ourselves.

Mikes parents have 3 dogs (who for the record are very sweet– but I worry) so I decided that Addie and I would hit the town/have a girls day out. I was a little nervous about getting around (aka driving) since living in New York City means I basically never drive, especially not with my baby girl on board… Also, Addie got carsick last night just as we pulled into town so I was concerned we might have a repeat performance of that (let’s just say it involved a lot of cleanup of the car, a load of laundry, baths/showers for all and going to bed WAY too late–truly a comedy of errors).

Worry aside– we had such a good time and Addie was such a good girl. We started our day of adventures at Oregon Dairy. It’s a grocery store/restaurant that also has farm animals and a playground outside (some combo, eh?) We had a nice breakfast- Addie ate well and loved drinking out of her “big girl cup.”

After breakfast we hit the playground and looked at the animals. Addie loved the baby goats.

When she tired of the playground we drove around and she took a quick snooze… Then it was time for more playing outside and a great lunch date with Mike’s grandma. Addie was well-behaved again and ate a ton of spaghetti and bread (this kid loves her carbs).

Post lunch it was time for a nap, a quick swim and dinner with Mike and his family.

I’ve had a lot of crazy adventures and some professional success in my life– and I tend to be a pretty confident person– but for some reason being with Addie, especially in new situations (like driving with her and navigating getting her in and out of the car seat) still makes me nervous. I think some friends/family thought that staying at home might not be as fulfilling for me as my career, but so far it definitely is. There are still challenges and problems to be solved and crisises to be averted–they’re just different– and in this job I get to work through all of them with my favorite little person by my side.

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