SAHM Diaries: Day 26/Wonders of Parenthood

My sweet little Addie never ceases to amaze me. This morning– she grabbed Mike’s keys and a poop bag for Henry (our dog)– and made it clear that it was time to take the dog out.

She has also started grabbing the remote control and asking for Mickey…

And there’s so much more–it’s something new every day… 

I really don’t know when she got so big… We certainly have rough moments (like when she freaks out about getting into her stroller or gets upset when she doesn’t get her way).. But getting to watch her learn and grow makes it all worth it. 

Napping Al Fresco

One thought on “SAHM Diaries: Day 26/Wonders of Parenthood

  1. Vivi does the same thing with the remote and asking for Mickey 🙂 it is the most magical thing to watch them grow and see yourself in their demeanor.

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