SAHM Diaries: Day 27/The Laugh Factor

Having a great day with Miss Addie (so far)… She had her 15-month checkup and then we went to lunch and the American Museum of Natural History with my sister.

Now we’re relaxing and playing… One toy in particular– the shape sorter — is really frustarating Addie. Instead of putting the shapes in the right holes, Addie usually just takes off the lid and puts everything in that way. But today, I held down the lid so she actually had to put the right shapes in the right spots. Let’s just say Addie was not too happy with me– she kept getting upset when she couldn’t figure everything out right away… Reminds me of someone else I know (me)…

Pretty typical toddler stuff– so why am I telling you this story??  BECAUSE it’s just one of the many moments when I have had to force myself not to laugh at her “bad” behavior… This is a problem that I have all the time when she is testing the limits. I know it’s important not to do anything to encourage misbehaving– but sometimes it’s so hard… I often resort to turning around for a minute or putting something over my face to try to hide my laughter from her— it feels like an SNL sketch where the actors are trying so hard not to crack up (Stefon anyone?), but can’t quite manage it. 

Anyone else have this issue?

Xx, Susan 

One thought on “SAHM Diaries: Day 27/The Laugh Factor

  1. YES, yes, yes! My girls do the exact same thing with the exact same toy! They remind me of myself and I usually laugh at their behavior! I’m terrible with the whole not-laughing not-encouraging-bad-behavior thing! Like… right now, Agatha is eating 2 chocolates at once… because that’s what she wanted and I didn’t say no. She’s offering me chocolate, how cute is that? I’m a terrible mom. hahahaha

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