21 Day Fix, Day 6 + Belated Happy 4th of July

6 days into the 21 day fix and down 3 pounds. Plan really isn’t bad at all- I’m not hungry ever– just making better, healthier food choices… 

BUT, I am at the point now where temptation is starting to creep in (really want some whole milk in my iced coffee right now!!) It amazes me how hard it is to stick to an eating plan, even when it’s just for 21 days.  MUST stay strong

Thank goodness for Pinterest- I’ve found so many great 21 day fix recipes there. Will post pics and links to my favorite recipes that I’ve made so far later this week. 

On another note- Hope everyone had a great long 4th of July weekend. We spent Friday at the beach. Addie loved running around in the sand– she’s not quite sure about the water yet. On Saturday and Sunday, we stayed close to home– we cleaned, relaxed, took walks in the park, played on the playground, took a trip to Target, etc.  Overall, a very nice weekend.  

Happy Monday!

Xx, Susan

My Beach Babies

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