Crazy For Cold Brew (includes recipe)

Now that I’m a SAHM I need my coffee more than ever. The hours are harder and the job requires more energy.

This summer I’ve jumped on the cold brew coffee trend. Every morning I pour Addie a cup of milk and myself a cup of cold brew coffee. Then we both watch the first 30 minutes of the Today show (mama needs to know what is going on in the world). It has become our morning ritual and something I really look forward to. Coffee and snuggles- yes please!

The best part of making Cold Brew— it’s so easy! 

Here’s how I make Cold Brew Concentrate: 

-Combine 1 part ground coffee with 4 parts water (I usually do 1 or 2 cups coffee and combine with water in a Tupperware container).

-Give it a quick stir and cover.

-Let sit for 12-24 hours (I usually just leave mine on the counter, but you could refrigerate it).

-Strain into pitcher (I do this by using the plastic filter from my coffee pot).

-Refrigerate and Serve

*** Note: this makes a cold brew concentrate. When you serve dilute with water or milk until coffee reaches desires strength. Technically it should probably be 50% concentrate, 50% other liquid– but I make mine a little stronger.

Happy Thursday!

Xx, Susan


One thought on “Crazy For Cold Brew (includes recipe)

  1. I just hopped on the cold brew band wagon also! I love iced coffee, which is how I dilute mine. I have been brewing it in my French press. ☕️ -Holly @paperplanelaneboutique

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