SAHM Diaries: Day I’ve Lost Count

Its been a while now since I embarked on this new journey as a SAHM. It’s been, at times, exciting, exhausting, hard, rewarding, stressful– the list could go on… 

But right now as I’m sitting on a park bench on a beautiful day I’m feeling grateful…

Grateful for my sweet baby girl who makes me laugh and cry and challenges me every day. Grateful that she is currently taking a much-needed nap and that I have a few minutes to sit and reflect and write.

Grateful for my wonderful husband who has supported me on every step of this journey. And who has never been afraid to change a diaper, who is as hands-on of a father as anyone could ever ask for and a partner in every sense of the word. 

Grateful for my family who inspire and encourage and always make me laugh.

Grateful for my friends- those I talk to frequently and those I don’t (but things pick up in exactly the same place when we do).

Grateful for the New York City playgrounds and parks where we spend so much of our time and where Addie gets so much joy. 

Grateful for iced coffee.

Grateful that Birkenstocks are back in style. 

Grateful for this day.

Just plain grateful. 

Happy Thursday!

Xx, Susan 


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