The Truth About the Dog (after having a baby)

Ever since having Addie, I’ve struggled with my relationship with Henry, our sweet maltipoo.

His constant need for cuddles was once cute and endearing… But when Addie came along and I was nursing and caring for her around the clock– his need for cuddles became too much. His space had been taken. 

People always told me, once you have a baby you’ll forget all about the dog… I vehemently denied this would ever happen to me, to our sweet Henry.  But it did. Things changed, priorities shifted. Life was all about Addie. That’s not to say that Henry wasn’t cared for- he was fed and walked and bathed– but he wasn’t hugged and snuggled as he once was. He was no longer our “baby.”

Fast forward 18 months- Addie loves Henry. Some of her first words were “dog” and “Henry.” She loves to pet him, give him big hugs and take him out for walks. At bedtime we have to have Henry leave the room at a certain point because Addie gets too excited whenever he is nearby. 

He loves that she gives him food and plays with him. AND tolerates her sometimes too-rough petting and displays of affection.

And as for me– I’m re-learning to love Henry AND his cuddles. It took some time, but I feel like we have all finally adjusted to our new roles in this family. And in typical fashion, as I’m writing this I have Addie to one side of me and Henry to the other. 

What about you? Did your feelings about your dog change after having a baby? 


One thought on “The Truth About the Dog (after having a baby)

  1. Same for us. Our shih tzu Bosco was everything before our first son came, then we had to readjust as you put it. Now with our second son here it’s a whole new ballgame too. Still trying to manage everything. Poor Bosco has been a trooper and has hung in there. Our boys love him to death.

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