I Love the Suburbs

Yup, it’s official. I love the suburbs. A lot of people have asked me if I miss New York, and the answer is always the same- a definitive “no.”

I don’t miss New York. 

Yes, I miss my sisters and my friends who still live there, and I miss certain conveniences. But do I miss New York? Nope.

Because the thing is when you quit your dream job and uproot your life, you should probably feel a bit unsettled or question your decisions. But, I haven’t. We haven’t. 

Things just feel right here. Our home feels like home. I love being close to our parents. I love fixing up our place. I love taking family walks around our neighborhood. I can’t wait to celebrate our first Christmas here, to make new memories…

We’re home. And that feels good. It feels right. 

For now it’s time to get out of bed and get to work. There’s cleaning to be done. And yardwark and maybe just maybe we’ll tackle the last few boxes that still need to be unpacked.

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