Sometimes it just hits you…

Sometimes it just hits you. That love for your child. The love that withstands tantrums and messes and sleepless nights. That love that is looking at your daughter sound asleep in the car after a late (for her) dinner. That love that is sloppy kisses and hugs and the sound of a new word that she just mastered. 

It just hits you…

And in these moments you know it’s all worth it- the sacrifices, the frustration, the sheer exhaustion of being a parent…

Sometimes it just hits you… 

… And on another note– I know I haven’t blogged in a while. I could make excuses about this or that, but let’s face it, I got busy and wasn’t inspired to write. There’s a lot more I’m excited to post and share with you. More to come when the time is right…


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