Like many  people, I’ve made and broken my fair share of resolutions over the years.

So… in an effort to be more accountable– here are some of my goals for 2016:

-Walk 10,000 steps every day. (A caveat here since I’m pregnant–I plan to listen to my body and, of course, my doctors. If there is ever a time when I need to cut back, I will. Not letting myself off the hook here– just being responsible and upfront).

-Be present and make sure to spend “quality” time with Addie. I became a stay at home mom to spend more time with Addie– not to fold laundry or unload the dishwasher… The majority of time spent with Addie should be quality time. And, yes, that means putting down the phone.

-Get more involved with the community. Even though we’re from Lancaster originally– we’re essentially new in town. It’s important for me to become  a part of this community and hopefully make some new friends along the way.

-Take “me” time… I.E.- don’t wait 6 months to get a hair cut, make an effort to go out with friends over the age of 2, etc.

-Plan and take a vacation.

-Have fun!

-Oh, and get up earlier (hence early post)…It’s easy to sleep in until Addie wakes up– but then it’s a frantic dash of getting dressed and breakfast and Mike getting out the door. I think waking up earlier (and going to bed earlier) will give me a head start on the day.

Good luck everyone on this back to reality Monday.



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