Stepping Back

Life since buying a fixer upper and moving to Lancaster has gone fast.  It’s been a whirlwind of scraping wallpaper and painting walls and unpacking and buying appliances and gutting a powder room and cutting down trees and bushes and planting and mulching… And so on… And so on…And so on….

And we’re not nearly done…

But we’ve decided to take a step back, to take a break…

This is going to be a challenge for us. Mike and I both get excited about home projects and are eager to cross items off our checklist…are eager to be “done.”

The issue is that home projects take time and effort, primarily over precious weekends.  And that time and effort takes  us away from spending time together as a family of 3.

So we’re going to step back, to enjoy some family time… Maybe plan a few day trips.

As much as it pains me–new countertops can wait…

(P.S. Fellow DIYers and friends who’ve been asking for pics–I am going to share some of our favorite home projects that we have completed…including the easy and affordable nursery project for #babyboybowser room that we’re currently a little obsessed with).

scraping wallpaper (pre-pregnancy)


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