Stripes! Our Nursery DIY

Blame it on Pinterest. Or the fact that it seems like we’re always painting something around here…

But I had to have a striped accent wall in #babyboybowser room.

I felt like it would be a fun (not to mention affordable) look for the nursery. We went to with a neutral tan… But of course the color possibilities are endless.

Mike really did most of (ok, all of) the work for this project. If we’re being totally honest– I lack the patience (and height) needed to complete this project solo. But I did provide a lot of support and guidance… Or so I like to think.

I’m not going to post a full how-to– just search DIY stripe wall or stripe accent wall or something along those lines on Pinterest and there are a variety of detailed tutorials… The project basically involves a lot of measuring, taping, checks with a level… And finally painting. The painting was by far the easiest and quickest part. Getting the stripes “just so” took much longer.

Pictures of the process and of nursery progress below. Still need to hang art and hopefully potty train/transition Addie to a “big girl” bed before we move in the crib, etc. Luckily,we still have a bit of time, but hoping to get all of this done a few months before baby- aka in the next month or two (too ambitious?) Tips welcome!!


Mike and “little helpers” in action


Painting (the easy part)


Progress So Far


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