Thunderstorms and Transitions

I’m exhausted this morning. We transitioned Addie into her “big girl bed” last night. She was perfect, but I think I woke up at least once an hour to check her monitor and make sure she looked OK. She’s an active sleeper and I was terrified that she would fall out of bed (even with a railing on it).

Of course, it didn’t help that around 1am we had a terrible thunderstorm. When I woke up to a huge thud, I was sure that Addie had fallen out of bed. But nope, just thunder. 

I kept thinking (hoping) the storm would wake Addie up and she would want to come into bed with us…something she never does. But, hey, a mom can hope.

But the storm, like the transition, was much scarier for me than it was for her. 

Now drinking my one cup of coffee and about to dig into a sweet breakfast treat. Then digesting, gym, cleaning and dinner with Grandmum and Papa to celebrate his birthday. 

Happy birthday Papa! We love you.  

And happy Sunday everyone. May it be relaxing and productive.




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