Resolution Update

We’re almost two weeks into the New Year and my resolutions are going well…especially, my resolution to walk 10,000 steps a day–I have gotten in my steps every day so far.

The first few days were tough- Addie and I were fighting off colds which meant that I resorted to walking laps around the living room (not fun).

Now that we’re feeling better and out and about again–it has been much easier to get in the steps.

Another source of motivation– Mike recently got a Fitbit and we’ve been competing in daily step competitions… Nothing like a little friendly competition to get you moving!! 

Will keep you updated on this and my other resolutions as the year continues…to keep myself accountable and hopefully to encourage others to stick to their resolutions as well. 

And on another note/ another update– I’m writing this blog post from the rocking chair in Addie’s room because little Miss kept getting out of her bed and playing every time I left the room.  Other than this– Addie’s transition out of her crib has gone well (knock wood). She’s finally asleep so now it’s time to go be productive… 

Hope everyone is having a good week and staying warm.



Some of my results so far…

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