It’s a few minutes before 5 on Friday afternoon, and I’m counting down the minutes until Mike gets home.

Addie is shaking a box of raisins, spilling them all over the kitchen floor… And I couldn’t care less.

It’s a vast improvement from just a few minutes ago… We were out for a nice winter walk… bundled up with Henry (our dog)… getting some fresh air and steps in before the sun went down.

It was peaceful and refreshing, especially since I’ve had a massive headache all afternoon.

But then — an epic tantrum…Addie wanted to eat her snack…a few cheese cubes in a ziplock bag. Not a problem– except that she didn’t want to (read-wouldn’t) take off her mittens. And try as she might– she just couldn’t eat (let alone hold) her snack with the mittens on… Luckily we weren’t far from home–but she tantrumed for the rest of our walk.

I know these tantrums are normal for toddlers and fortunately the happy moments far outweigh the tough ones…

But, nevertheless, I cannot wait for Mike to get home…for Dad to take over for a bit.

When I initially became a stay at home mom, I thought every day would feel like “the weekend.” But, I’ve learned along the way that this really is a job. And while there aren’t necessarily deadlines or certain stressors that come with working outside the home, it’s certainly exhausting and trying at times.

So TGIF to all the moms out there, wherever you work. Hope you all get some rest and relief this weekend.

snuggles during a happier moment today

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