Raining in the garage?

Sooo around 4:30  this afternoon I realized our kitchen trash was smelling a bit… how should I say it… STINKY.

I thought about lighting a candle and leaving the bag in the can for my husband to deal with…But I somehow mustered the strength (aka couldn’t deal with the smell) to remove the offending bag myself.

As I approached the garage door, I heard something strange…a loud noise– rain in the garage? Hmmm, no that couldn’t be it. Rain outside and I forgot to close the garage door? A car? A person? I really had no idea.

I tentatively opened the door. Water was spraying out from the wall and there was an inch or two of water on the ground. Not rain in the garage–but close– a burst pipe.

I called Mike. He calmly instructed me to shut off all the water while he got his stuff together and left the office.

He came home, we swept water (as much as we could) out of the garage and then used a wet vac to get out the rest. Crisis (mostly) averted.

So what’s the point of all this…other than just complaining about bad luck or the hardships of homeownership? 

The point is– that during all of this– we called our family… And almost immediately we had advice and offers to babysit and names of plumbers and people volunteering to help clean out the water…

We accepted offers of help from my inlaws. My father-in-law came over to help Mike move wet items to the basement. My grandmother-in-law brought over a warm dinner. Everyone worked together and our garage actually got a much-overdue cleaning…  In fact (silver lining), we may actually be able to fit both of our cars in the garage during this weekend’s predicted snowstorm.

THIS is why we moved home… For family, for this support system. So while today’s mishap could have caused us a lot of stress, it actually made me feel really lucky… 

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