Resolutions… Checking In

We’re now 3 days into February which means that it’s probably about time to check in on my 2016 resolutions/goals. So without further ado… 

Walk 10,000 steps every day- This has not happened every day, but it has happened 26 times out of the completed 33 days this year. Not perfect, but not bad either. The days I missed were mostly related to nausea or illness + 1 or 2 lazy days…I wish I had a perfect record here, but I’m happy that I’ve continued despite missing a few days (something that’s sometimes hard for me and my all-or-nothing-nature).

Spend more quality time with Addie- Yes, yes, yes. This has happened and it has been great. Quality playtime makes Addie happier … which makes Mommy happier in return…

Get more involved with the community- check. I’m in the process of joining the Junior League. It has been an amazing experience so far- an awesome way to meet new people and give back to the community. 

More “Me” Time- check. 

Plan and take a vacation- still need to do this.

Have fun- check.

Wake up Earlier- need to work on this one.

All-in-all I feel pretty good about my resolutions/progress…How is everyone else doing?

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