Back to the Big Apple 

As I sprawled out on a fairly empty Amtrak train, I felt many things… Excitement for my first trip back to New York City since our move, a bit of sadness over leaving Addie and Mike at home, and a touch of anxiety… Would it be weird to be back? Would I love it? Hate it? Would it be totally different?

Mixed emotions aside, I enjoyed the rare time alone on the train.  I read the newspaper, 2 magazines!, ate a Greek yogurt in peace (and didn’t have to share it with anyone!).

When I got to New York, my trip continued to be just as nice. Lunch with a dear friend, drinks (cranberry and seltzer for me) with former colleagues, relaxing with another dear friend and relatives… Then a walk through the village for a late dinner– a lobster roll, fries, coleslaw, and an orange soda at the bar. 

A walk back to my friend’s apartment, the decision to order-in dessert- a slice of carrot cake and ice cream at 11pm! followed by a few minutes of SNL before bed. 

As I go to sleep, I know the following to be true– I miss NY friends, NY food, NY delivery…I miss New York.

The next day is just as lovely. Murray’s bagels, a prenatal massage at Bliss, and a beautiful baby shower for yet another dear friend (the baby shower being the reason for the trip).

It was good to be back.

And then all too quickly- it was good to go home. To PA. To Mike and Addie. To a surprisingly clean house. 

The trip was too short. There were many friends I didn’t see. Many more restaurants and sites to visit…

So I’ll be back (sooner this time). And in the future- I’ll just be excited.  


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