Snow Day-ze

The first time it snowed this year I had a romantic notion of what a snow day would look like- building snowmen, sipping hot chocolate, and snuggling on the coach.

And while the day bore a slight resemblance to the idealized version in my head- Addie loved the snow, hot chocolate was made, there were some snuggles… there were also many differences…

Toddlers can’t be in the snow for that long, hot chocolate=sugar=extra crazy toddler=toddler not sitting still for very long (not that toddler ever does), let alone snuggling.

All of which adds up to time, lots of time, time in the house, time to fill, time for messes, time for tantrums…TIME.

And when that snow day turns into multiple snow days and you’re stuck in the house because the roads are bad and your car isn’t great in the snow and you’re pregnant and would be transporting a toddler, and it’s just not worth the risk of venturing out, etc., etc.

That TIME can make you feel a little crazy…

So when the forecast predicted snow again this week- I made sure my survival supplies were ready– toddler-approved snacks and meals, art supplies, Legos, puzzles, books…

And you know what, we did OK. We did better this time.  We decorated the house for Valentine’s Day with cutout hearts and paper chains, we colored, we got out all the playdoh (and then didn’t play with it), we built a massive Lego house, we read lots of books, we survived.

Sure I succumbed to some Curious George and even a little Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (a last resort) along the way… But we had a good day, we made it, and I actually feel fairly sane.

Now let’s just hope the snow stops and the roads are clear tomorrow. 




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