It’s Friday, Friday…

It’s about 4pm on Friday…perhaps the best/worst time of the week for me.

On one hand, I’m eagerly awaiting the weekend and Mike’s arrival home (Yay!!)

On the other hand, Friday afternoons usually drag by ever soooo sloooowly for me. I’m not sure if it’s the anticipation of the weekend or the fact that I’m plain exhausted by the end of the week. Either way Friday afternoons can be hard… (Yes, I know… Not the first time I have written about this)…

Today, I am vowing not to let the Friday slump get to me… Here’s what’s keeping me sane (or at least from curling up on the sofa and refusing to move until Mike gets home).

MUSIC- I turned up my current favorite playlist and forced Addie to have a dance party (Is it just me or is she already rolling her eyes at Mom?)… We both danced. She burned off some energy. I got my energy up. 

ACTING like a kid- I crawled around like a cat, tickled Addie, and basically did my best impression of a wild toddler. Happy Addie, Happy (delirious) Mom. (FYI pretty sure she rolled her eyes at me again).

Fresh Air– I let Henry out the front door and just stood and breathed in the fresh air for 2 minutes. Miraculously, Addie was entertaining herself during this time. It felt great. (P.S. Can we talk about how excited I am that tomorrow is supposed to get up to almost 60 degrees?!?)

Happy Mom, Happy Toddler. HAPPY Friday!!

Hope you all have a great weekend!! (And hope Mike gets home soon!) 


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