Random Thoughts at 31 Weeks

I’m currently in a battle with a stationary bike–attempting to shift myself into a position where my 31-week stomach doesn’t get in the way of my legs as they slooooowly pedal. Honestly, it’s much harder than it sounds…  I should probably just get on the treadmill, but at this point, I feel like I’ve committed to… Continue reading Random Thoughts at 31 Weeks

“Mini Quiche” and Major Meltdowns…. (Or) The Third Trimester

The third trimester has arrived. There are two words that sum up how I’m feeling– hormonal and huge. Poor Mike got hit with my hormones tonight when he dared to bring home a “MINI quiche” (as opposed to a regular sized quiche) for dinner.  We’re talking full-out meltdown…over a quiche. “What, do you think you’re… Continue reading “Mini Quiche” and Major Meltdowns…. (Or) The Third Trimester