Another fun pregnancy symptom– insomnia.

It’s about 3:30 in the morning, and I am in bed– wide awake.

I’ve always thought it was cruel that sleep seems so difficult in the third trimester. Sure, some people say that the lack of sleep is preparing you for sleepless nights with a newborn.

BUT- you know what would really help me prepare for a newborn?

That’s right… Sleep.

Oh well… Tonight’s bout of insomnia hasn’t been too bad so far. I slept well up until Addie had a rare (knock wood) middle-of-the-night wake up. 

Mike tried putting her right back in bed, but she was still up and looking for some cuddles- so I happily obliged. 

Now the little guy is doing his best to keep me up… Peppering me with lots of little kicks.

Honestly, some nights I’d be annoyed, but right now it seems like I’m just getting a little extra/special time with both of my babies. 

Ok. Time to put down my phone and try to get back to sleep.

Xx, Susan

5 thoughts on “Insomnia

  1. I’m still in the first trimester (almost at the second- I can’t wait for some symptom relief!) and it’s 4:25 AM here in Montreal. I can completely relate to the pregnancy insomnia… I just didn’t expect it to be happening this soon! Good luck, I hope you drifted off shortly after trying again!

  2. Totally agree. I am 23 weeks and have a 2o month old. Sleep would be nice! Although, I wish I too could say it was rare for my little one to wake up – we still have the regular hourly wake up calls with her 🙂

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