“Mini Quiche” and Major Meltdowns…. (Or) The Third Trimester

The third trimester has arrived. There are two words that sum up how I’m feeling– hormonal and huge.

Poor Mike got hit with my hormones tonight when he dared to bring home a “MINI quiche” (as opposed to a regular sized quiche) for dinner. 

We’re talking full-out meltdown…over a quiche.

“What, do you think you’re bringing home dinner for a family of ants?”

“There’s not enough to feed 1 person.”

All of this followed by phone calls to my sisters and Mom (yes, I was that upset) venting over the “mini quiche” and “guys” while my sweet husband ran out to pick up another (full-sized) quiche.

Even as my hormones raged, I could see the humor in the situation…I understood how ridiculous it was to get this upset over a stupid quiche.

Nonetheless, while quiche #2 heated up, I served Mike the tiniest slice of “mini quiche” on a teensy tiny saucer…(and thought I was basically the funniest person ever). 

And then shortly after (karma??), I got a terrible headache… And that same guy I berated over a quiche brought me water and rubbed my shoulders and took care of me. 

So I guess this post is a bit of a pregnancy update and also a bit of a shoutout to my husband for dealing with my pregnancy hormones…

I often tell him I wish that he could be the one to be pregnant… But truth be told… He’s probably a lot more patient than I would be if the roles were reversed…

3 thoughts on ““Mini Quiche” and Major Meltdowns…. (Or) The Third Trimester

  1. Pregnancy can make you crazy. I remember crying because the shorts that I wanted to wear wouldn’t fit. My husband laughed at me and just hugged me after. We’re lucky to have understanding partners 🙂

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