This Week

I’ve thought about writing this post many times. But, I couldn’t seem to get the words out… Or everything I wrote seemed too cryptic or too personal. 

So I’m just going to say this (which for the record still feels too cryptic and too personal).

This week was hard. 

There was a lot more to worry about than “mini quiche.”

But, we made it through…We’re making it through. 

And for that I’m thankful. Thankful for the big things. And thankful for the small.

Thankful for family.  Thankful for friends. Thankful for a restful weekend. Thankful that Addie slept in today. Thankful that Spring has arrived (even though snow may be coming as well). Thankful for my Dad’s delicious homemade rolls and breakfast sandwiches. Thankful for coffee. Thankful. 

 Happy Sunday! Much more to come this week, including a belated post on Addie’s 2nd birthday party. 


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