Lessons from a 2-year-old

Dear Addie, There are certain “2-year-old traits” that I hope you’ll outgrow… Like diapers and temper tantrums. But there are other traits that I hope you’ll hold onto… Today we were at a music class. You were running around (per usual) while I sat and watched you and sang by myself (the mom friends I… Continue reading Lessons from a 2-year-old

Truth… Or 1 year ago/1 year later

1 year ago… I was probably on the subway– squished up against strangers, trying to keep my 1-year-old happy, checking work emails to make sure nothing urgent was happening, silently hating every single man (and woman– but honestly mostly the men) sitting with his legs insanely spread out (overcompensating) while I stood angrily in a… Continue reading Truth… Or 1 year ago/1 year later

When 3 becomes 4…or fake it till you make it?

I had an ultrasound tech yesterday who told me that she had her kids close in age… At one point she had a 2 year-old, a 1 year-old, and newborn twins. I simultaneously wanted to hug her and then ask her ALL THE QUESTIONS.. How did she survive? How did she look so young? When… Continue reading When 3 becomes 4…or fake it till you make it?


32 weeks and the nesting is REAL. Remember how I said that we were going to take a break from renovations and DIY projects for awhile?  Well… we may or may not have started a somewhat spontaneous kitchen renovation… (And full disclosure- I also went a little overboard buying window treatments –ooops). So far we’ve… Continue reading Nesting!

Guest Post: In Defense of Dad’s “Mini Quiche”

My post about having a meltdown over “Mini Quiche” seems to have struck a chord with a lot of readers…. So much so that family and friends have enjoyed teasing Mike about it. Today, I asked Mike if he wanted to “guest blog” and give his version of the story… Much to my surprise– he… Continue reading Guest Post: In Defense of Dad’s “Mini Quiche”