The TERRific twos

Addie has been two for less than a month and we’ve already had our share of the “terrible twos” — long tantrums, being difficult about sleep, deliberate misbehaving (don’t you just love when toddlers give you that mischevious look and then do exactly the opposite of what you asked them to)….

BUT– in addition to this type of behavior there have been some pretty awesome things about 2 so far…

(potty) HUMOR- One of my favorite things about being a Mom has been making Addie laugh… And laughing along with her. And now it seems like my little one has developed an even greater sense of humor, especially “potty humor.” The fact that my daughter now finds boogers and stinky diapers hilarious brings me endless amounts of pleasure. I’m sure this says a lot about my maturity level, but I don’t care. I love that the two of us can laugh together and enjoy a (for now) shared love of this kind of humor. 

LANGUAGE- Much like laughing together — it’s so nice to be able to communicate better. Words are becoming sentences. And everyone is happier when Addie can tell us what she wants. 

INDEPENDENCE- Addie has suddenly gotten so much more independent and plays so much better by herself. In some ways, I miss the days when she only wanted to play with Mommy (or Daddy)–but I’m mostly relishing the fact that I can now get a little bit done around the house (or on the blog) when she’s awake. In fact, right now she’s contentedly playing in her room. 

AFFECTION- Sure, I miss the days when she was a baby and would just snuggle all the time. But, there’s nothing I love more than hugs and kisses from my toddler. And don’t even get me started on when she asks to say “hi” to the baby and then proceeds to rub my belly…

Anyways, it’s so easy to write (vent) about the bad days and the bad parts of life with a 2-year-old… But I think it’s important to realize that 2 is also pretty terrific…

More soon.

Xx, Susan 


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