Guest Post: In Defense of Dad’s “Mini Quiche”

My post about having a meltdown over “Mini Quiche” seems to have struck a chord with a lot of readers…. So much so that family and friends have enjoyed teasing Mike about it.

Today, I asked Mike if he wanted to “guest blog” and give his version of the story… Much to my surprise– he agreed.


Note: This is a guest post from Sweet Addie B’s dad.  Yes, that’s a picture of my butt front and center in the background image (as of 4/6/16) of the homepage. 

Now that we have that cleared up… Let me start at the beginning…

It was a long, stressful day at the office and a handsome commercial real estate professional (me) received a text message from his beautiful wife to pick up a very, very specific ham and cheese quiche from a very specific local grocery store on his way home.  The instructions further noted “don’t get any with veggies” (there was a short period of time when Sweet Addie B was a picky eater). 

When this handsome fellow arrived at the cold food section of the grocery store, he saw that the quiches were largely picked over (gasp)… And all the regular-sized quiches had asparagus in them. There was, however, one ham and cheese quiche left, but it was a smaller one.  The gears started turning in his brain — was this quiche too small? Would Addie eat the larger one with asparagus if he bought it? Should he buy both and end up with way too much quiche?  

He had learned from experience not to mess with a pregnant person’s order and remembered the perils of using his best judgement to modify a food request from his pregnant wife when what she wanted wasn’t available.  He took a long, hard look at that little ham and cheese quiche and thought carefully about his next move. Sweat began to gather on his forehead…

The ham and cheese quiche was smaller, but not exactly bite-size-mini as suggested in the original post. In fact, the whole “mini quiche” was probably 800+ calories consisting of three or four “healthy” serving sizes (in his opinion). Yes, he could totally down the whole thing on his own, but he felt good about himself and his healthy way of looking at it (or maybe justifying it). So he bought the little quiche and brought it home. Worst case scenario was that he would eat something else and selflessly forfeit his quadrant of the quiche to his child and pregnant wife. 

And then he got home…and you know the rest of the story…And he’d probably do the same thing again. 



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