32 weeks and the nesting is REAL.

Remember how I said that we were going to take a break from renovations and DIY projects for awhile? 

Well… we may or may not have started a somewhat spontaneous kitchen renovation… (And full disclosure- I also went a little overboard buying window treatments –ooops).

So far we’ve taken down some cabinetry and started painting wood paneling in the kitchen (and by we I mean Mike + his awesome Aunt and Uncle). Things are a little bit of a mess right now, but it’s amazing how much brighter and more open the space already looks…

It’s also amazing how this pregnant woman can have legit no energy… But when a renovation project comes along I’m suddenly the energizer bunny… That’s nesting I suppose.

I’ll post some before and after kitchen pics once we’re further along…which will hopefully be soon since we’re getting closer and closer to our due date. 

Until then, here’s a bump pic.

Xx, Susan


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