Lessons from a 2-year-old

Dear Addie,

There are certain “2-year-old traits” that I hope you’ll outgrow… Like diapers and temper tantrums.

But there are other traits that I hope you’ll hold onto…

Today we were at a music class. You were running around (per usual) while I sat and watched you and sang by myself (the mom friends I usually sit with weren’t there).

There were 2 or 3 older girls dancing and running around in circles. I watched you watch them, fascinated. Then I watched you fearlessly run over and join in the fun. It made me happy to see you so happy, but it also made me nervous… Made my heart catch in my throat… What if they didn’t include you or accept you into their little group?

The truth is that they pretty much ignored you…not in a mean way– they were just oblivious…But you couldn’t have cared less. You kept running and dancing with them, you joined in on the fun.

I’m sure someday some girl (or boy or both) will hurt your feelings, will purposely exclude you… But don’t ever let that stop you from being yourself, from attempting to make a new friend, from finding your own happiness.

Maybe next time I’m sitting by myself at music class, I’ll try to be more like you… I’ll go up and introduce myself to another Mom… I won’t let shyness or fear or awkwardness get in the way… And if they ignore me or aren’t interested in making a new friend–that’s cool… I’ll keep on singing to myself…

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