Hello from the other side… Or Mother of 2

I’m writing this bleary eyed and covered in spit up… With one hand around my 1-month-old and the other typing on my iPhone.

Sweet Theodore (“Teddy”) is nursing. Sweet Addie is watching Curious George.

It’s a rare moment of relative quiet-no tears, no demands… Both children are content (for the moment). 

And me? I’m tired…so tired…Painfully tired, but happy and content, especially now as Teddy (who has stopped eating) sleeps snuggled up against me and Addie sits by my side.

The past month has been full of many wonderful moments- meeting our little man, watching Addie meet our little man, watching both children grow in many ways… Teddy growing  physically– gaining strength, gaining weight, starting to smile…Addie growing as a big sister and as a person–suddenly talking more, loving and helping with her baby brother, getting her first haircut, starting soccer…

The past month has been an exercise in multitasking…trying to keep both children happy and fed…trying to keep up with the laundry and at least the bare minimum of housekeeping… Trying to keep my own sanity amongst the chaos and the sleep deprivation…Trying to savor this special (crazy, stressful, exhausting) time… 

And now trying to share a little glimpse of our life… Of being a mother of 2…

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