Find your self (care) momma

Sometimes self care is a massage or a pedicure or a sleeping in or something grand…

More often than that self care is letting yourself …

Take a nap instead of cleaning (if by some miracle you get both kids to sleep at the same time)…

It’s running an errand by yourself.

It’s volunteering to stay in the car with a sleeping baby while your husband and toddler run inside the store (yup, doing that RIGHT now).

It’s getting take-out or delivery when you JUST. CAN’T. cook (or do the dishes).

It’s turning off the kiddie music and turning on your “get pumped up” playlist.

It’s letting your toddler watch Curious George so you can talk to your girlfriend on the phone without constant interruption.

It’s playing “Mom will pretend she’s the kid and you can put her to bed” (aka lay on the floor and let the toddler put a blanket on you.)

It’s turning on old school (explicit) rap music once the toddler is in bed and having a 5 minute dance party. 

It’s taking time to keep your sanity, to take a break, to make you feel like “you.”

So go ahead momma…find your self (care).

You deserve it. 

relaxing in the car / silence is golden

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