When Minnie Went for a Swim…

Every once and awhile I’ll have a “perfect” mom day. My kids will sleep in (for them). The house will be in order. I’ll take a shower, put on makeup, and even manage to have a “good hair day.” We’ll venture out in public looking presentable, without any meltdowns…we’ll eat healthy meals and play and dinner will be in the crockpot before lunch.. both kids will take long naps AT THE SAME TIME and then in what seems like no time at all–it’s bedtime. On days like this I feel like super mom. I picture myself (several pounds thinner) in crisp white stain-free pants with perfect hair blowing behind me (from an invisible wind machine, obviously) and a smiling, clean child in each arm. (Kind of like a tampon commercial minus the exercising and plus kids.) I question why I ever thought having 2 kids was so hard… and I go to bed enthusiastic and optimistic. 

AND then inevitably…I wake up… EARLY. Because the baby is up. And crying. And once I feed him and get him back to sleep I close my eyes for what seems like a second… and then the toddler is up. And then we’re rushing to eat breakfast and my husband is trying to get out the door and where’s the dry shampoo? and THERE. is. PLAYDOH. EVERYWHERE !! AND the colors are all mixed up (ugh) and half of it is on the floor and then we have to bundle up and brave the cold and someone pooped and diapers are being changed and I’m still finding miscellaneous playdoh (now crusty) and then we get to the doctor’s office for a flu shot and it’s over before I can take my coat off and then we’re home and it’s got to be lunch time, right? Yes, it’s definitely lunch time.  BUT …when I look at the clock it’s ONLY 10:30am so I get the baby down to sleep and then the toddler plays and eats her lunch. She asks for yogurt then eggs. I make her 1 egg because there’s no way that she’s actually going to eat it, but she does so I make her another one. And then it’s time for her nap. A glimmer of hope! The baby is still sleeping. Is it possible? The elusive double nap. It’s going to happen. It’s going to. Im planning everything that I will get done in the next 5 or 10 minutes because I’m trying to be realistic. She closes her eyes and falls asleep and IMMEDIATELY the baby wakes up. So I feed him while simultaneously marching in place because I’m trying to get 10,000 steps a day and a friend calls and we’re chatting and then THE TODDLER is AWAKE!!!?! She’s up way too early…but it’s because she has to use the potty which is OK because #pottytraining… and then she’s using the potty and all of the sudden MINNIE MOUSE falls in…

Yes. A small plastic MINNIE Mouse figurine is floating face down in a bowl of urine. Poor Minnie. 

I put Addie back in her bed. I keep a straight face and solemnly swear that I will clean MINNIE up and bring her back.

And then I go downstairs and take a picture of Minnie swimming and proceed to text several family members and friends the picture “Addie’s killing it on the potty, but poor Minnie is having harder time.” “It was touch and go for a little while, but Minnie is going to be OK.”

A moment of levity. A realization. 

Minnie’s OK, and I’m going to be OK too. Tomorrow’s a new day. But until then,  I’m going to do my best to cherish every single crazy, messy, moment. 

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