Ugly Crying On The Way Back From Target…

I ugly cried on the way back from Target yesterday. Not because of a meltdown or a tantrum in the middle of the store. In fact, quite the opposite. My trip to Target was calm, peaceful even. Teddy slept in his car seat the whole trip… snoozing peacefully as I attempted to avoid buying all of the cute Valentine’s Day gifts and decorations that I suddenly needed (That’s Target for you…).. Addie was at school.  I even treated myself to a decaf coffee… all was good.

So why the tears? You know what’s coming, right? It’s the same post, same story, same truth you hear from so many parents…

I ugly cried because time is moving too fast. Because my baby is getting big. Because he sat up in his crib for the first time. Because he is suddenly army crawling everywhere and eating real food. Because he says “Mama” (and “Dada”)…Because the second time around you realize how your baby goes from a newborn to a walking, talking, opinionated toddler in the blink of the eye. I cried because it has gone too fast. I cried because of the pure joy our little man has brought us.  I cried because it was quiet and I had a moment to reflect.

And today, well today, there are no tears (on my end at least). Today, I am holding onto that feeling even though we are all cranky from being up way too early. Today, I am trying to cherish every moment. 

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