One Magical Family Dinner

Dinner time with a toddler (in my house) is often challenging…There’s the fight to get her to sit at the dinner table… The fight to get her to try her dinner…. The ridiculous amount of frustration when she finally tries a bite and exclaims “mmmmm, I like this.” (Ummm yeah, we knew you would like it….It would have been nice if you just tried it 10 minutes ago).

But tonight, we had a magical family dinner. Everyone sat. Everyone ate. Everyone (ok, not the baby) talked about their days. It was pleasant and relaxing and fun. There was singing. There was laughter. There was a distinct lack of tears. 

I’m not naive enough to think this will become the new normal. But, I’ll take tonight. I’ll take our one magical family dinner.

There was also ice cream.

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