The Pursuit of Balance

I’ve been taking a class at my gym lately that is a mixture of pilates, tai chi, and yoga. My favorite part of the class is when we work on balance. Perhaps this is because it’s the part of the class that I seem to be the best at (relatively speaking!)…perhaps it’s because I find inner strength in finding the focus, in taking a deep breath, and standing strong in the pose… 

Lately, I’ve been feeling that instead of searching for happiness…or trying to do everything… perhaps the best we can do is to aim for balance….

Balance between being a parent, being a spouse, being our own person.

Balance between our children. 

Balance between having a clean house and giving our kids 100% focus.

Balance between work life and home life. 

Balance between “me” time and “everyone” else time.

Between friends and family and obligations.

Between moving fast and moving slow.

Between eating a salad and eating a slice of cake…

Between reality and expectations. 

…Sometimes it takes a small adjustment to find balance. And other times you have to let go and reset….

Either way, here’s to finding balance in all we do. 

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