On the eve of your birthday

1 year ago I was exhausted. I was pregnant…very pregnant. I was scared. And nervous. And excited to meet you.

And then you were here. My sweet, laid-back, loveable little guy. My sweet Teddy.

1 year later and you already seem  like more of a little boy than a baby. You are babbling and starting to walk and giving hugs. 

I am babbling and starting to get sentimental and hugging you tighter.

You are fighting your sister over toys and feeding the dog and trying to get up the stairs.

I am fighting back tears and feeding you and trying to keep you from hurting yourself.

1 year. 1 fast year. 1 incredibly fast year. 

Tonight I held you longer. I gave you extra kisses on your chubby little cheeks. I rocked you to sleep just a little bit longer. 

Tomorrow, you’ll be 1. 

Happy birthday little guy. 

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