Bedtime back and forth 

Bedtime with a three year old can be a battle, a minefield of delay tactics and tears. The “need” for a drink, for the potty, for “something to chew” (yes, Addie says that) can be frustrating when the “need” is only a rouse, when your child’s eyes are closing as they continuously tell you “I’m not sleepy.”

But other days, bedtime is a gift. Snuggles and books and whispers… silly songs, stories about the day, stories about a friend, potty humor… It often feels like Addie has saved up tidbits to tell me throughout the day as the words spill out of her as we snuggle close in her bed. 

On these nights, the good nights, it sometimes feels like my heart is going to burst with love, with happiness. So I try to bottle it up, to hold onto that feeling. Because another battle is around the corner. Another bad night will come. And then a good one… a bedtime back and forth

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