To Be Three

It’s a dreary, rainy, Monday. I wake up and head straight for the coffee, begrudging the day.  

Addie wakes up and loudly announces “I’m awake!!!” before heading downstairs and playing. 

The day passes. It’s bedtime for Addie. I am anxious for my own bedtime. She is anxious to tell me about her day, to talk about chocolate donuts with chocolate sprinkles, and the boardwalk, and rides, and seeing a dump truck… She tells me about all of these things with such excitement, such joy. I am amazed by her enthusiasm (and her resistance to sleep). 

Her zest for each day is inspiring. She isn’t bothered by the rain. She isn’t bothered that it’s Monday. She’s three and she’s just happy to be awake and dreaming of chocolate… 

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