Motherhood is…

Motherhood is planning an adult “hooky” day, getting a massage, and then getting a call from your childcare provider to let you know that both of your children are sick. 

Motherhood is showing up to work with a spitup stain on your dress. Or sticker residue on your t-shirt. Or baby boogies on your black shirt.

Motherhood is countless books and tears and negotiations and giggles and picking up toys. 

Motherhood is exhausting and stressful and chaotic.

Motherhood is beautiful and incredible and exciting.

Motherhood is hard.

Motherhood is leaning on your friends. And your family. 

Motherhood is laundry. 

Motherhood is getting excited about a new word or a new skill. And telling your friends and family about it. 

Motherhood is going to the pediatrician and buying milk. 

Motherhood is bedtime baths, and books, and snuggles. 

Motherhood is slow.

Motherhood is fast. 

Motherhood is…

Massage time before I learned the kiddos were sick.

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