This one time on the subway

Years ago, before kids, before the suburbs, before going to the grocery store alone became a luxury– Mike and I were riding the subway…. I think we had gone to Union Square to pick up groceries from Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods (or wherever) and were heading home–  but I’m not entirely sure. … What… Continue reading This one time on the subway

Hello from the other side… Or Mother of 2

I’m writing this bleary eyed and covered in spit up… With one hand around my 1-month-old and the other typing on my iPhone. Sweet Theodore (“Teddy”) is nursing. Sweet Addie is watching Curious George. It’s a rare moment of relative quiet-no tears, no demands… Both children are content (for the moment).  And me? I’m tired…so… Continue reading Hello from the other side… Or Mother of 2

My Social Media Struggle

I love social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram– I use them all.  But, before Addie was born I made the decision to limit publicly posted pictures of her on social media.  It’s not because I’m worried about clogging up my friends’ newfeeds with baby pictures (hey, they can unfollow me!) and it’s certainly not because she… Continue reading My Social Media Struggle