32 weeks and the nesting is REAL. Remember how I said that we were going to take a break from renovations and DIY projects for awhile?  Well… we may or may not have started a somewhat spontaneous kitchen renovation… (And full disclosure- I also went a little overboard buying window treatments –ooops). So far we’ve… Continue reading Nesting!

Stepping Back

Life since buying a fixer upper and moving to Lancaster has gone fast.  It’s been a whirlwind of scraping wallpaper and painting walls and unpacking and buying appliances and gutting a powder room and cutting down trees and bushes and planting and mulching… And so on… And so on…And so on…. And we’re not nearly… Continue reading Stepping Back

DIY Party Attire

I promise a full party prep post soon BUT I keep getting so excited about all of my projects for Addie’s first birthday party that I want to share details right away. So here’s the latest… Our t-shirts for Addie’s birthday party. I asked people to RSVP to Addie’s Momager so I immediately knew that… Continue reading DIY Party Attire