Bedtime back and forth 

Bedtime with a three year old can be a battle, a minefield of delay tactics and tears. The “need” for a drink, for the potty, for “something to chew” (yes, Addie says that) can be frustrating when the “need” is only a rouse, when your child’s eyes are closing as they continuously tell you “I’m… Continue reading Bedtime back and forth 

A week at the beach 

Sandy salty babies.  Addie running in and out of the ocean. Teddy running, stumbling in the sand, getting back up…and running, hands up, towards the water. Addie hosing everyone off (with a mischevious look in her eyes) after a late afternoon at the beach. Teddy running around the beach house with a ball.  Addie running… Continue reading A week at the beach